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Orange Choco Latte

Great coffee for cold days.

  • 50 ml – coffee MK Cafe Premium

  • 200 ml – frothed milk 3.2% fat

  • 30 ml – chocolate sauce
  • 20 ml – juice / orange syrup
  • Decoration: Whipped cream sprinkled with grated dark chocolate and orange peel

Pour the milk into a pot and heat. In the meantime, prepare the coffee in a coffee machine. The milk should be pleasantly warm and slightly sweet. 
Be sure not to boil / do not overheat the milk. 
Then add to the bottom of a glass chocolate sauce and orange juice (mix thoroughly the two components) and then pour the warm and frothed milk. Finally, add brewed coffee and decorate your coffee with whipped cream, sprinkled with grated dark chocolate and orange peel.

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